Lightweight Waterproof Fabric – Lilac

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Lightweight, waterproof*, breathable – this fabric is ideal for raincoats, rain hats, ponchos as well as toiletry bags, wet bags, playmats, reusable nappies and more!
The surface is flat, smooth and matt – the depth of colour is wonderful and incredibly even. The reverse/backing fabric has a knitted structure which gives this fabric just a touch of natural stretch across the width.

A few tips on sewing with this fabric:
The neatest sewing results are yielded by using a new, sharp needle in your machine – we found that a Microtex needle works best but a standard or ball point needle will still be fine. Whilst a walking foot or a teflon foot would be helpful – this fabric still behaves when using a standard sewing machine foot.
Sewing clips are preferred over pins so that no unnecessary perforations are made in the fabric. You could also use Prym Double Sided Wonder Tape or lightly adhesive masking tape (always test first!) for areas which cannot be pinned or clipped such as patch pockets. When cutting your pattern pieces you could pin within the seam allowance or instead you might prefer to use pattern weights and a rotary cutter or perhaps draw around your pieces on the reverse of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.
It is recommended that the care of this fabric is ‘wipe clean only’ – do not wash or tumble dry as this may damage the coating. HOWEVER – one of our team members has been repeatedly washing a pair of children rain trousers made from this fabric on a 30 degree general wash and letting them air dry – the fabric’s waterproof integrity has not been compromised.
It is also recommended not to press directly with an iron – use a thick pressing cloth and always test iron/steam temperatures on a scrap.

*Our in-house test showed this fabric as waterproof (water pools or runs off the surface without soaking in), but please be aware that if the coating is damaged (by heat, or pooling water over time) then water can soak through. Any seams that are not heat-sealed with specialist tape will also create a point where excess water can seep through.

Width: 145cm/57″
Composition: Face side: 100% Polyurethane / Back: 100% Polyester
Colour: Lilac
Weight: Approx 195gsm

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