Ikatee – Lyon Dungarees/Overalls


A timeless kids’ unisex dungaree/overalls pattern with multiple options.
There are 3 lengths to choose from: trousers, Bermuda shorts, or shorts.
Plus 2 versions of straps: adjustable with buckles/sliders+buttons or adjustable with multi-position buttons (Version 2).
The bib is lined and there are front, bib, and back pockets, plus an optional hammer pocket for trouser version.
Optional side openings (although the fit is loose enough so that the overalls can be put on without opening the sides).
Optional zipped fly opening.

Sewing level: Intermediate to Advanced
Intermediate level: versions without side opening and without fly.
Advanced level: versions with side opening and/or zip fly.

What you will learn with this pattern: to make pockets, to make adjustable straps and, optionally, to make openings on the sides and to make a zip on the fly.

Age/size range: 3-12 years

Material suggestions:

  • Main fabric: medium to heavy weight woven gabardine, canvas, twill, denim, heavy corduroy or baby corduroy, linen, woven waffle, jacquard. 
  • Lining (at bib and waistband): poplin, chambray.

Ikatee are a French company with beautiful, elegant designs for babies/infants, kids and women.
Their printed paper patterns are simply stunning – presented in a smart wallet, each pattern comes with a booklet of instructions with full colour photographs. Instructions are in English and French. The pattern itself is printed onto quality paper that can be used again and again.

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