Soft Stretch Knitted Fabric – Black END OF ROLL 75cm


** END OF ROLL 75cm **

A snuggly and soft knitted stretch fabric, this is perfect for making cosy garments such as cardigans, sweaters and jumper dresses.
It has a lovely weight and drape, also making it perfect for looser garments like a waterfall cardigan or oversized sweater.
If you’re in need of some pattern inspiration, then why, then why not try the Marlo Cardigan by True Bias or the Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweatshirt?

Width: 157cm/63″
Composition: 42% Viscose/19% Polyamide/39% Polyester
Colour: Black
Weight: Approx 320gsm
Stretch: Approx 90% widthwise and 20% lengthwise

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