Matilda’s Own 100% Bamboo Batting – 240cm Wide

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Superb quality pre washed and pre shrunk Bamboo batting made in Australia by Matilda’s Own.
This organic Bamboo is the most eco friendly fibre produced by Matilda’s Own as it grows and re-grows without the need for supplemental irrigation or insecticides. This fibre is 100% sustainable and all naturally grown. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for bedding products.

-Soft and Easy to needle by hand or machine.
-Double processed prevent bearding.
-Great for those with allergies.
-Made from pure Bamboo fibres which produces a very soft result.
-No resin, sprays, glues or bonding.
-This batting is machine washable.
-Residual shrinkage  is 2.5%

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Width: 240cm/94″
Composition: 100% Bamboo
Colour: White

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