We are picture perfect thanks to Silverbird Photography!

Now that our customer base is widening rapidly from our North East HQ, we we desperately in need of some fresh images that captured the vibrant, colourful and diverse range of fabrics that can be found as you walk through our doors.

Emily from Silverbird Photography came to our rescue and did exactly that. She came to our shop last Tuesday morning with fresh eyes and great ideas and set straight to it. Such is her easygoing and warm nature, she even got our camera shy directors in front of the lens! We couldn’t be happier with the images Emily sent to us the very next day (I know, speedy right?).

Here is just a selection of the images she captured on the day:

We’ve had some really positive comments over on our Facebook page, so I would urge you to hop over to Emily’s website and have a browse and the rest of her beautiful work, you can find her right HERE.