Stacie is back with another fantastic review of one our popular jersey’s. I’ll let her give you the full scoop …

I have been sewing now for about a year, and it’s amazing how quickly I have built up a little ‘stash’ of fabrics! So much so that I put myself on a little self-imposed fabric ban, whilst I worked through some of my stash. But then, a very lovely friend sent me a £20 gift card for 1stFor Fabrics! So, it would have been rude not to!

I had two patterns in mind to buy for, the Bettine from Tilly and the Buttons and the Thea dress from Sew Over It. I was very happy to have found the perfect fabrics for both! I purchased 2 meters of the Plain Lightweight 100% Viscose in a beautiful shade of Coral Pink and 2.5 meters of the Super Soft ‘Peachskin’ Brushed Single Knit Jersey in Rose. Yet again I was flawed by how great value for money 1stfor Fabrics is, all of that for the grand sum of £20 and 50 pence!

First up was the Thea! As soon as I opened my gorgeous parcel I could not stop stroking this brushed jersey. I have never sewn with peach skin, but I can see why this is described as such, it has a short pile, that is as soft as a peach! I hope that the picture below shows this!

The Rose colouris stunning and perfect for spring, but I have just discovered that this also comes in white, yellow ochre, navy and biscuit! I think I will sneak some of the navy in my next basket for a cosy long sleeved top!

At £5pm this is great value for money anyway, but when you consider that it’s 58inches wide it’s even better bang for your buck! I was able to set my Thea pattern pieces out side by side which means I have lots of leftovers!

Cutting out was simple and the fabric behaved itself nicely. So it was straight to sewing! I was surprised to find that the pattern just called for the neckband to be interfaced and turned under, no facing or binding, which is a new one on me, and I have to say, I wasn’t that sure on how it was going to work!

However, after a little bit of fiddling around trying to understand how the instructions wanted me to fold the shoulder seam, I was pleasantly surprised! The neckline lay very flat and neat, and the top stitching finished it off perfectly!

It was then a quick job to sew along the under arm and side seams, and to hem the sleeves and bottom. And when I say quick, they really were quick. I tend to use clips rather than pins when I sew, and they held the fabric nicely as it went through the machine. You can see below, there was no fraying to deal with so I didn’t bother finishing my seams, I just gave them all a good press to make them sit flat. I wasn’t even that precious with my hems, just turned them under without measuring! (I’m sorry, I get carried away with a quick sew like this, and just want to finish so that I can wear it immediately!)

I did have a slight hiccup when I tried the dress on, and discovered that the cocoon silhouette absolutely does not suit me! I do feel like you need to have some nice curvy hips for this dress pattern to suit. I was absolutely gutted, because I loved the fabric so much! I toyed with the idea of lopping the bottom off and turning it into a cosy top, or perhaps changing the outline to a pencil skirt, but I wasn’t convinced. Finally I tried it on with a belt, and it made all the difference! The belt completely transformed the outfit and now I absolutely love it! Below I am wearing it for the weekend with my cowgirl boots, but I have also since worn it with black tights and black boots for the office!

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Thanks so much Stacie for another great write up – we all love a quick sew, and the Thea dress sounds like the perfect Afternoon Project!
Make sure you do check out Stacie’s blog and instagram feed … and be prepared to be inspired!

As Stacie mentioned in her review, this wonderfully soft, bargain Jersey comes in a few other colours too. Mix and match for some great variations of the trendy Frankie T-Shirt from the Tilly and the Buttons Stretch Book, or pick up one of the many fabulous free t-shirt patterns out there and whip up some snuggly soft basics.
Available colours:
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French Navy
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