TULA PINK 100% Cotton Daydreamer: Macaw Ya Later – Dragonfruit

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Tula Pink is an illustrator, a fabric designer, a quilter, an author, a maker and we are delighted to be able to stock her whimsical prints!

When I designed Daydreamer I was five months into the Shelter in place order in my state. I was stuck at home in the Midwest during the rainiest summer in recent memory. I did what I do best and imagined myself in another place, in another world, and I drew everything that I saw while I was there. I spent a lot of time there, it was lovely. Daydreamer is an escape to a surreal place of make believe and wonder. Everything here is light and happy.
Daydreamer is like a soft warm blanket that I can wrap my mind in when its cold and rainy outside.
I am a Daydreamer and I think you might be a Daydreamer too.

Macaw Ya Later features colourful Macaws with their majestic wings spread and is one of the designs from Tula’s Daydreamer collection.

Printed onto stunning quality cotton, perfect for quilting and crafting as well as dressmaking and sewing accessories.

Width: 112cm/45″
Composition: 100% Cotton
Colour: Pink/Multi
*the first image is a digital image of the design provided by Tula Pink. Additional images are our own photographs on the fabrics*
*please note the image with the selvedge to help determine the direction of the print*

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