TULA PINK 100% Cotton – Curiouser & Curiouser: Sea of Tears

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Tula Pink is an illustrator, a fabric designer, a quilter, an author, a maker and we are delighted to be able to stock her whimsical prints!

“Little Alice fell
the hole, bumped her head and bruised her soul”
—Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll in1865. A story does not endure for over 155 years without capturing the imagination of generations. It is the story of a world turned on it’s head. It begs us to question everything we know, throw away our assumptions and succumb to nonsense. The loosest grip on reality wins!

When Alice first gets to the bottom of the Rabbit Hole she grows so tall that she can’t fit through the door to Wonderland and she begins to cry. As she shrinks, her tears flood out the little door taking her and many Wonderland residents with the current in a print called “Sea of Tears”.

Printed onto stunning quality cotton, perfect for quilting and crafting as well as dressmaking and sewing accessories.

Width: 112cm/45″
Composition: 100% Cotton
Colour: Purple/Multi

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