SEWING BUNDLE: Friday Pattern Company – Unisex Jacket Kit – Ilford Jacket – Dark Grey Melange Coating


Suitable for confident beginners, this kit provides everything you need to make the Ilford Jacket – a versatile, unisex pattern. 

The Ilford Jacket’s modular design makes for a pattern that is simple, yet impactful. It can be customised many different ways and really is a “choose your own adventure” type of pattern that incorporates your design sense into the project!

It features drop shoulders and comes with two sleeve options: a placketed sleeve with cuff, and an easy to sew boxy sleeve for a more relaxed vibe. It also includes two lengths as well as a bunch of pocket templates that you can mix and match! The possibilities are endless! 

You can wear the Ilford as a jacket or shirt depending on the fabric you use.  This is a fun, skill building pattern that you will want to make/wear again and again! This pattern is for everyone and looks great on all genders!

We’ve chosen three gorgeous fabrics that would be suitable for both versions of the pattern. Your options are:

  • Grey checked coating
  • Dark grey melange coating
  • Aubergine coating (+ £12.75 extra)

What’s included:

  • 3 metres of coating fabric (3 metres is enough to sew up any version & size of the pattern XS – 7X)
  • Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket paper pattern – sizes XS – 7X 
  • Pack of Prym Universal Sewing Needles
  • 100m Gütermann ‘Sew All’ thread 
  • 10 buttons (enough to make either version of the pattern)
  • 1 metre interfacing 
  • Prym sewing & button gauge 
  • ‘Handmade’ woven label from Kylie & the Machine

Priced at only £55 this kit is fantastic value, saving you over 15% than if items were purchased separately. 


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