Pack of 6 Woven Sewing Labels by Little Rosy Cheeks – Couture / Artisan


Pack of 6 woven sewing labels

Say hello to our COUTURE & ARTISAN woven labels. Featuring a stunning monochromatic colour palette of blue and pink, these labels are designed to add a perfect finishing touch to your handmade creations. With two distinct designs per pack and three labels of each design, you’ll have the perfect accent for a variety of projects.


COUTURE: high-fashion designing and dressmaking

Word origin: from French, sewing, dressmaking, from Old French cousture seam, from Latin consuere to stitch together, from suere to sew

ARTISAN: A skilled workman; craftsman. An artist.

Relating to goods produced on a small scale using traditional methods.


Labels measure 5.5cm/1.5cm


Our woven labels are produced in Turkey. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland.

PACKAGING: Our packaging is made from recyclable card with a clear recyclable window, which is then sealed with a clear biodegradable sticker. Please remove the clear disc and window and check locally how this should be disposed of in your local area. The card is widely recycled. Designed in Scotland and made in China.

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