Light Reactive Jersey Fabric – Nessie Stripes

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This unusual jersey shows a striped black and white design with little creatures when indoors, then as soon as you step outside colourful blooms right before your eyes! The coating reacts with UV rays and brings the print to life.

The magical colour change will last for AT LEAST 25 washes if cared for properly. It is recommended that you wash at 30 degrees or cooler, and dry away from direct sunlight/heat source (no washing lines or radiators – a clothes horse or back of a chair indoors will be best!).
To make this gorgeous product (and any fabric for that matter) last as long as possible, please consider carefully before washing – if clothes aren’t stained, then perhaps just a good airing on a windy day would suffice?

Width: 150cm/60″
Composition: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
Weight: Approx 200gsm
Colour: Black/White — Multi

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