Fleece Backed Soft Shell Fabric – Blush Pink Leopard

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A gorgeous animal print design in muted shades of pink, printed onto water resistant polyester fabric and backed with super soft  mauve coloured fleece. 

Soft Shell is often available in very ‘child friendly’ prints, but we love this more ‘grown-up’ version and it is available in three colourways – perfect for making ‘matchy-matchy’ jackets for the family. 

Soft Shell is a great choice for jackets as well as kids’ puddle suits/splash trousers, hats, etc. There is no need to line your garment as the fleece back provides a cosy inner.

It is recommended that the care of this fabric is ‘wipe clean only’.

Width: 145cm/56″
Composition: 97% Polyester/ 3% Spandex
Colour: Pink/Multi
Weight: Approx 250 gsm
Stretch: Approx 10-15% widthways

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