Chunky Knit Fabric – Deep Sea Green

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This is a fantastic heavy weight cotton mix knitted fabric. Ideal for chunky sweaters, cardigans, poncho style cover ups, scarves or even blankets!

It has a modest comfort stretch, but due to the knit structure the recovery is a little slow so it would be best to stick to garments that have a looser fit and not put it under too much strain.

As this is a new fabric for us, we ran a few tests and trials and have put together some handy tips for working with this knit:

  • Be sure to stitch or overlock raw edges before preaching to prevent unwanted unravelling.
  • Pre wash at 30 degrees or less and air dry as flat as possible avoiding any excessive draping – you don’t want this fabric to stretch out under the weight of it drying.
  • As this is quite a thick fabric, use a sharp pair of scissors or rotary cutter and cut pieces singly where possible.
  • Use a larger needle size on your machine (a size 90 ballpoint/stretch needle is ideal).
  • Make sure you test stitch length on your machine on some scrap pieces. When stitching or overlocking several layers together you may need to help feed this fabric through your machine.
  • Press seams and hems with lots of steam – this should get rid of any unwanted waviness.


Width: 150cm/60″
Composition: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
Colour: Deep Sea Blue
Stretch: Approx 30-40% widthwise and 10-15% lengthwise
Weight: Approx 500gsm

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1 Customer Reviews

1 review for Chunky Knit Fabric - Deep Sea Green

  1. Julia Edwards

    This fabric is strong and thick. I must say I love it and it’s good quality and I believe it will withstand a good amount of wear. My daughter chose it for me to make her a winter jumper I made a Nora top by Tilly and the buttons. I was very happy with the result. I do think you need a robust machine and a very sharp rotary wheel. Because it’s so ‘strong’ ? Is that the word , With the cotton content to cut and sew. I shush 🤫 tumbled dried it. As I know that’s what my daughter will be doing. And it’s survived well. I gave it 4 stars because some might find it a bit tough to work with. But it’s well worth the challenge.

    • Kayleigh Dunn

      Thank you so much for the helpful review Julia! It is good to know that this fabric can be tumble dried – I expect any ‘growing’ would shrink back once it had time in the dryer?
      Kind Regards

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